summer-heat-tips-for-pets-smallWe won’t make you wait any longer… here’s our TIP OF THE DAY, courtesy of Louise Sawyer: Although greyhounds are short-coated creatures, they are extremely sensitive to both heat and humidity. Make sure hounds have plenty of fresh, cool drinking water available to them at all times. Put ice cubes in the water to encourage them to drink. Some dogs like to ‘bob’ for them. Air conditioners and fans will help our dogs keep their cool, too. Pull window shades, shut drapes, and turn out the lights on hot days. Fill a spray bottle with water and put it in the fridge. When you take your dog outside for a walk or some playtime, you can periodically give him a spritzing of cold water. Greyhounds love kiddie pools and will often lay down in them to get relief from the heat. Give dogs ample opportunity to rest and re-hydrate. ¬†¬†Enjoy the dog days of summer!! (Courtesy from Maine Greyhound Placement)

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