Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

Why Do Greyhounds Make Greyt Pets?

sleepyGreyhounds have been bred with four goals in mind…speed, health, intelligence and sociability.  As pet owners, we don’t care how fast our dog is, but good health, intelligence & a good disposition makes a superior pet over a pet bred for appearance.  Their natural good nature along with the constant handling they receive in the racing kennel make them good with other pets, children & your friends.  This, their intelligence & their cleanliness make them ideal house pets

Are Greyhounds Housebroken?

Greyhounds are kennel trained and have spent all their lives in a crate.  They do not want to mess where they live.  They have been let outside several times during the day to relieve themselves.  A greyhound has never had to tell anyone that they had to go out.  Until you learn to communicate with your new dog, make frequent, yet scheduled trips outside.  Greyhounds were used to a schedule, so bank off that  characteristic when house training.

How Much Exercise is Needed?

You can NEVER let a greyhound run free.  He/she must always be in a fully fenced area or on a lead.  Your greyhound has no ‘street smarts’ and will run with no concern for getting directions.  Or worse yet, getting hit by a car.
Running in your fenced back yard, walks on a leash will provide all the exercise your dog really needs.  Greyhounds are ‘couch potatoes’ and will be happy to walk as much or as little as you want.

What type of Medical Care is Needed?

Your newly adopted dog has had all his shots as a part of our adoption procedure, and he/she has been spayed or neutered
along with teeth cleaned, wormed and checked by our vets.
However, it never hurts to take your newly adopted greyhound into your veterinarian to get him/her acquainted
and checked for other problems that may occur. Be sure your vet knows that the wrong anesthesia can kill your greyhound.
Shots should be updated yearly and toenails should be clipped at least once a month to keep your greyhound from having back and walking problems. Teeth should also be brushed regularly.  Flea collars & certain flea medications are dangerous for greyhounds & should not be used.

What & How Much Do Greyhounds Eat?

Your Greyhound will eat between four and six cups of pretty much any good grade of dry dog food per day.  We highly recommend that you feed a small meal twice a day.  Example: 2 cups in the morning and 2 cups in the evening.
The exact brand of dog food may vary.  Some may be too rich for your greyhound while another will be the perfect diet.

Editor’s Note…

All of the above questions are just a quick reference and can be answered in depth by various ways.  GRI has an adoption handbook available upon request as well as has some recommended books.    GRI volunteers are always available to answer questions and discuss the dogs at ALL adoptions booths.  GRI is not just an adoption organization, we are a support network.